Friday, July 28, 2006


And here I am .. trying once again.
I have tried to keep a journal/blog/flog/diary etc.... for ages now. I always end up forgetting about it. However, I know this is something that I need to do. You will come to understand why.

I believe the title is a good place to start: Sobria Inebrietas

***Sober Intoxication***

Why did I choose this title?
Well, first of all, it is a phrase in Latin. I could not have picked another language but Latin. I am in love with the Romance languages, which include: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian .. and I don't know which other one. It might be it. Latin summarizes all of them, for it is the root of them all. There is reason number one. Reason number two simply addresses the fact that it is a 'dead' language .. dead to the futility and urgency of modern times. No one wants to speak an ornated language that requires thinking and ability. The rule of modern times is: The easier the better .. not remembering that "easy" is "worthless" in synonym.
Now, that we covered the choice of language, we then go on to the meaning of the words. They contradict each other, yet completing their meanings by the means of exclusion of nonsense.

The word sober (note that any assumption is solely based on the modern world) most often makes reference to whatever is boring, tasteless, rigid, dry .. while intoxication goes to the extreme of adrenaline, leading to an assumption of whatever is bad, senseless, dangerous, exaggerated ..

Therefore, when you combine both, their fusion releases the perfect energy for a blog of this kind: mine.